Saving America's great
watersheds one yard at a time.



There are a myriad of ways to get involved in improving the environment. Here are a couple of ideas.


            There is a movement sweeping across the country like wildfire. From coast to coast neighborhoods are being transferred into NeighborWOODS! Through grant money and private funding many cities and towns are cleaning up run down areas and beautifying them with trees and shrubs as well as train volunteers in tree maintenance.  Not only are these plantings more visually appealing they have economic impact as well. Streets lined with trees need to be repaved only half the amount of time than a street without trees. Trees also help reduce utility bills as well as absorb carbon that is polluting our air. And, equally as important, they help prevent runoff by using the water as well as filtering it.

Alliance for Community Trees (ACT)

        Alliance for Community Trees (ACT) is an organization that created NeighborWoods as well as many other community planting activities. Since 1993 ACT member have planted over 15 million trees with the help of over 10.7 million volunteers. And with over 172 members in 40 states as well as the District of Columbia, Canada and the Virgin Islands, ACT has become a leader for many cities and towns across America for tree planting and maintenance. For more information visit




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