A percentage of revenue from every Greener PlantTM is given to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.


It's better for the environment!  A 2010 Gallup Poll found that 76% of the respondents bought a certain product because it was better for the environment. The choice by three-quarters of all consumers to allocate their money to environmentally-friendly products indicates they are interested in taking actions that will help the environment – and Greener Plants offers the opportunity to do so. So, given a choice, most consumers will purchase Greener Plants over other plants. Indeed, many consumers will appreciate the opportunity to become better gardeners and make their home gardens part of an important environmental movement.

What are the benefits to retailers selling Greener Plans

Selling Greener Plants is a wonderful opportunity for garden centers to do something that is among their special strengths: Educate gardeners. And by packaging a variety of environmentally friendly products around Greener Plants, they can make more money from every plant sale. When soaker hoses, slow release fertilizers, mulches, solar lighting, and environmentally friendly weed control systems are marketed with Greener Plants, garden centers can dramatically increase customer transactions.  Garden centers selling Greener Plants will gain a more favorable image in front of consumers, who will likely choose to continue to buy more plants from these retailers because of their obvious concern for the environment.  Consumers will quickly realize that garden centers have a natural leadership role in helping better their region’s watersheds and they will support this effort.

How will consumers learn about Greener PlantsTM?

Eastern Shore Nursery’s public relations program will publicize Greener Plants to consumers through promotion to national and local print, broadcast, and web media. The resulting news coverage will inform the public about the garden centers in their markets that offer Greener Plants. Eastern Shore Nursery will also provide garden centers with marketing materials to explain the message and make the sales process easy.

The company is creating and will maintain a Greener Plants website that will explain the program, educate consumers on the best means of growing plants in a water-friendly, environmentally responsible manner, and answer any questions the public has. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation will continue to advise Eastern Shore Nursery on water management issues found on the site.

The Greener Plants is primed to grow and blossom. Gardeners will champion the Greener Plants message as they become more educated about the environmental issues associated with water and gardening.  This, in turn, will lead to more purchases of Greener Plants and constantly improved watersheds.



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