Change begins within.


Greener PlantsTM is our effort to bring awareness and demonstrate our participation in lessening the negative affect we have on our surroundings. The stewardship of our environment is ours collectively and it is the responsibility of each of us to do our part to lessen our negative impact upon it and ensure its renewed good health.

        The time for placing blame has long since passed and action is required by each of us in the form of a commitment to a more conscientious and conserving lifestyle. Our main focus is water conservation and quality. It is how we use water and what we do to lessen the impact we have on our ground water quality and supply; as well as, what winds up in our treasured resource, the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.


                Why not? We love where we live and we love where you live. And we love all of the bounty produced in a healthy environment. Living within close proximity of the Chesapeake Bay, in our lifetime we have been afforded the benefits of a healthy ecosystem and have also experienced the decline in its productivity as its health has been jeopardized. Our natural resource is not unique in its plight and we feel the time is now to make changes in order to ensure that future generations can experience what a healthy environment can afford.




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