A percentage of revenue from every Greener PlantTM is given to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.


Greener PlantsTM is a branded plant program by Eastern Shore Nursery of Virginia.

All Greener Plants are grown with an environmental focus on proper water use and nutrient management.  Eastern Shore Nursery, which has been honored for its attention to the environment by a variety of organizations, has developed the Greener Plants program in conjunction with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the primary non-profit organization seeking to save the Chesapeake Bay.  All Eastern Shore Nursery plants are tagged with the Greener Plants logo. A percentage of revenue from every Greener Plant is given to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Improperly growing and caring for plants can lead to water waste and nutrient runoff, a major cause of water pollution. Heightening the public’s awareness of this issue is an important mission of the Greener Plants program. Educational information on best practices for managing water use and nutrients will be provided on the Greener Plants website and may also be offered at the point of sale.

In addition, Greener Plants provides the opportunity for the public to have a specific impact on their home environment.  While it is hard for an individual to make a measurable environmental difference globally, he or she can make tangible changes at home.  Purchasing Eastern Shore Nursery’s specially grown Greener Plants represents the opportunity and commitment to make one’s home and gardens more environmentally responsible.   As homeowners within a region improve their practices, they will have a lasting impact on the quality of their area’s watershed. Consumers can help start and continue the Greener Plants movement for making the world a better place now and into the future.



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